Download iPad Keylogger

Your iOS device must be Jailbroken to install iKeyMonitor iPad Keylogger

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  1. Jailbreak your iPad and get Cydia.
  2. Open Cydia and click "Search" tab.
  3. Enter "iKeyMonitor", make sure to select one source from "BigBoss".
  4. Click "Install" – "Confirm" in the upper right corner of the iPad to finish the installation of iKeyMonitor.
  5. After finishing the installation, please open Safari and enter "http://localhost:8888" in the browser’s navigation bar to access iKeyMonitor.
iPad keylogger Download Process


  • The iKeyMonitor – iOS Spy Software for iPad/iPhone Keylogger supports with Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, so you must jailbreak your iOS device firstly if you want to install iKeyMonitor.
  • If you can’t open iKeyMonitor on your iPad, please try to:
    1. Reboot your iPad if the iOS system of your iPad is iOS 6 and below.
    2. Open Cydia and search "Cydia Substrate" and upgrade it to the latest one and then reinstall iKeyMonitor if you use iOS 7.

Why Choose iKeyMonitor iPad Keylogger?

iPad Keylogger improves your children’s security

It has become more and more popular that young teenagers have their own iPhone, iPad in today’s digital world. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to install the iPad keylogger on kids’ smart devices. It helps parents watch everything kids do, like SMS, WhtasApp messages, call history, websites visited, even can track kids’ GPS location, which is a very useful tool for parents to ensure if kids are safe or not in the real-time.

iPad Keylogger keeps track of your employees

It is essential for employers to use iPad Keylogger to keep track of what your employees do on the iOS devices provided by company for the business. In the aid of iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger, employers can know what employees do with their iOS devices invisibly, which is easier for them to manage employees and protect the company’s confidential information from being leaked.

iPad Keylogger takes care of family members

Except for watching kids to keep their security, iPad keylogger also can be used to take care of other family members, like your spouses, your elder parents. Now many spouses lack of trust with each other, this kind of spy apps can help spouses know each other no matter when and where you are. And it may be not easy for your elder parents to live alone but you are very busy with your life, this kind of app also can help you track where your parents were, what they do, and who they often contact with… However, please remember that you must get the permission of your spouse or parents if you want to use the iPad keylogger to take care of them.