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Any Good Spy App for iPad for Free?

Posted 2 years ago by iPad Keylogger

I suspect my husband is cheating. I am 100% sure of it. The signs are there but I haven’t got any proof. Now I just want to have a clean break for myself. However, I can’t do that until I catch him in the act. The house we live in is mine. He has nowhere else to go so I have not driven him out yet. I would do that if I get any proof. Every time I am trying to catch him, it ends with fail. He is frequently using his iPad Air. Can anyone suggest any good spy app for iPad that is free to use?

You can try out iKeyMonitor. As per our knowledge, it is the only keylogger that records keystrokes, passwords, SMS, websites, screenshots, etc. All the logs gets delivered to the presetted email account. It records keystrokes from any app. It can also record passwords which other apps can’t do.

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