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Can parents monitor iPad usage with a iPad Keylogger?

Posted 2 years ago by admins

“Are there any ways that my parents could see what I’m doing/have done on my iPad with a iPad Keylogger? It’s a iPad Air, I got it when my dad got his new iPad. My father restored and did all the settings for me, even changed the iPad name to Laura’s iPad. I didn’t see him do any of this though. I have nothing to hide, but I think he’s monitoring everything I’m doing. He seemed over-eager for me to pick out all my apps and get my email set up. Is there any spy app for an iPad/phone to monitor iPad usage? And what can the iPad keylogger record? I know he has this app on his phone that lets him see whatever is on the computer screen. I just hate feeling like I’m always being watched. “

One of our users’ daugter asked us this question. The answer is definitely yes, parental can use a iPad keylogger to monitor iPad usage.

What can iPad keylogger monitor?

  • Log entered Keystrokes and Passwords
  • Log SMS and WhatsApp Messages
  • Log incoming and outgoing call history
  • Log Safari/Chrome Webhistory
  • Track GPS location information
  • Send logs to Email/FTP automatically
  • Remotely turn on/off the monitoring
  • Run in stealth mode invisibly

iPad Keylogger is hidden

The iPad keylogger runs hidden from the screen and app list, it won’t show anywhere on the iPad. The user monitored won’t notice there is a iPad keylogger on the iPad.

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