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iKeyMonitor, the only keylogger for iPhone and iPad, is given the ability to log typed keystrokes, exchanged SMS and WhatsApp messages, visited websites and captured screenshots, and then to deliver these logs to your email/FTP.

Are you dreaming of getting a free iPhone Keylogger or free iPad Keylogger? Would you like to monitor your iPhone and iPad for the sake of children’s online safety? Since more and more people, especially youngsters, pour a lot of attention to them, many parents will buy iPhone or iPad as a home-sharing device. But, at the same time, they will worry about the bad impacts on their children which are brought by iPhone or iPad.

Now, the iKeyMonitor, a kind of keylogger for iPhone/iPad, will root out parents’ worries, and there is no need for them to worry anymore. With the aid of iPhone/iPad keylogger, parents can completely keep an eye on their kids and track the activities that happened on iPhone/iPad, because the iKeyMonitor has the features to log all keystrokes typed, record passwords entered, log Websites visited in Safari, record texts pasted, and capture screenshots. All these logs will be automatically sent to Email/FTP, which informs parents of what happened to their kids at any time.

Here is a good news for all the parents: You can get the best keylogger for iPhone/iPad for free now! After doing one of the following three tasks, you can get free keylogger for iPhone/iPad.

– Link to iKeyMonitor Website.
– Write Review for iKeyMonitor.
– Post Review on your Social Network.

As to how to do them specifically, you can visit Get iKeyMonitor for Free where you will get an overall view. If you don’t know whether it works well or not, you can experience it first. We offer you keylogger for iPhone free trial for three days. Now do it!

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