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iPad Keylogger that Logs Keystrokes, Passwords, SMS and Websites

How iPad Keylogger works?

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iPad Spy is dedicated to help not only iPad users, but also iPhone and iPod Touch users monitor and log all keystrokes typed on these iOS devices. It will help you reveal all things done on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and benefit you to a great extent in protecting your kids online, and managing your business and more. You will know all truth from all the keystrokes typed, websites visited from Safari, call and text messages activities made on your iPhone and many other logs recorded by iPad Keylogger.

How Does It Work?

iPad Keylogger is a full-featured keylogger for iOS devices. It refers to a program that records all keystrokes and then reports all logged information back to a third party to let you know all activities happening on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It can be used to monitor your family iPad use, monitor and manage the iOS devices in your company and so on.

iPad Keylogger is an invisible keylogger that usually works in complete stealth mode. It is easy to install and use. After you install the app on your jailbroken iOS devices, it will run automatically and it is hard to be detected. Because it runs secretly and it will not show up in the setting of your iOS devices. Besides, it has a password protection so that you can set the password by yourself to make sure others cannot enter your iOS keylogger software easily.

iPad Keylogger records all keystrokes typed including the passwords entered on the target iOS devices. It is the only keylogger for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch which allows users to record passwords typed on these devices even though the passwords are typed and shown in secret characters. iPad Keylogger provides people not only with password logging but also with other powerful logging features such as web activity logging, text messages and calls logging. All websites visited in Safari will be recorded by iPad Keylogger clearly including the URLs, titles and date. Text messages sent or received and the texts pasted in your iPhone also will be logged to let you know all things happening on the iOS devices.

The screenshot will be taken at a preset interval to let you know more about what they are doing on the iOS devices. For example, if your kids are watching a downloaded movie on the iPad at home, the screenshots taken by iPad Keylogger will let you know what they are looking at.

All the logs will be sent to you automatically by email or FTP, including all keystroke logs, web activity logs and screenshots taken. You can check the reports no matter when and where you are as long as there is an Internet connection.

What Can You Do With iPad Keylogger?

  • Keep An Eye on Kids
    It logs and checks the Sms text messages sent and received on the iOS devices, and log the text pasted on iPhone so that you can keep an eye on the activities of your kids.

  • Monitor Your Family Activity
    It works in complete stealth mode to help you monitor what your family uses it for, what they do on it.

  • Supervise Your Employees
    It allows you to monitor all keystrokes typed by your employees on the iOS devices in your company, so you can supervise improper behavior of them.

  • Backup Data to Email
    Keystrokes including passwords typed, websites visited, SMS and calls logs will be logged and sent to email or FTP server to backup all data.

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