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Posted 6 years ago by admins

Renowned iPhone hacker Chpwn has confirmed on his twitter and blog that iOS is not a pure land anymore, because a controversial application, Carrier IQ, considered as an iOS Keylogger, has been found in this most popular operating system, which means that every user of iPhone or iPad may suffer from privacy leakage. Carrier IQ will collect users’ information and send it back to mobile carriers, however, all this is unknown by users. Although mobile carriers has claimed that those information is for improving their network, they shouldn’t do that without users’ permission.

In fact, those applications like iOS Keylogger are increasingly needed by modern people. There are many privacy-related applications on the market, which is the best proof. However, what customers really want is not Carrier IQ, but one whose installation is up to customers themselves. Besides, a reliable iOS Keylogger must be not only safe and clean, but also used legally.

Take iOS for example, as the extension of iPhone and iPad, more and more kids indulge in the virtual world. Parents have realized the importance of monitoring their kids’ activities in Internet. It is the demand from parents that promotes the market of iOS Keylogger. Maybe many people are still holding the thought that iOS Keylogger is just a sort of malware. But, as the old say goes, there is no absolutes in the world, people should try to comment one thing in different angles of view. If iOS Keylogger is installed by parents, and help them know more about their kids’ online activities, it will be an useful tool to prevent kids from erotic websites and some other bad influences in Internet.

In addition, along with the development of internet terminal products, of course including iPad and iPhone, it is much spinier for people to safeguard their personal privacy. For instance, if your iPad and iPhone are often borrowed by friends, or once used by strangers, iOS Keylogger will be more essential. People have the right to know all about their own things, especially their internet terminal products, because this kind of things contain a lot of users’ information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and photos, etc. Even though lend them to their best friends, people still need to check whether their private files in iPad or iPhone are invaded, so that they have to take advantage of iOS Keylogger alike applications.

All in all, some rut thoughts on iOS Keylogger should be discorded, people need to realize the benefits brought in by this sort of applications. Just like the above two situations, if used in a reasonable and legal way, iOS Keylogger will be an excellent helper.

Description: Safe & Clean iOS Keylogger that logs keystrokes, websites and takes screenshots is helpful when iOS users are in need of an iPad Keylogger or an iPhone Keylogger.

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