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Why Should You Use the iPad Key Logger

Posted 5 years ago by iPad Keylogger

With the launch of new iPad, iPad has increasingly become part and parcel of the people in our modern life. More and more people around us begin to use iPad to watch video, read ebooks, surf the Internet and so on. Some little children also want their parents to buy iPad for them. However, is it good for parents to buy iPad for their kids? The answer is not sure. It is good because kids can learn a lot and make a lot of friends on the Internet with the iPad, and it is bad because they may contact many bad and dangerous things and people online with iPad. Meanwhile, they may be addicted to playing the games on the iPad instead of learning on it. So how do you know what they actually do on the iPad and whom they often contact with in their secret and private space. iKeyMonitor- the most useful iPad Key logger is what you want to monitor and record all things done on the iPad.

The iPad key logger has powerful features that almost allow you to monitor all activities on the iPad. All keystrokes pressed on the iPad will be recorded quickly to tell you what the iPad users often do on the iPad. These keystrokes include passwords entered, SMS sent and received, websites visited, screen snapshots taken and more on the iPad. iKeyMonitor is the only iPad key logger that records all kinds of passwords typed on iPad. For example, social networks such as MySpace or Facebook are popular in our daily life, but all the passwords are needed to enter. If you want to know what your children do on their social networks, you must have the passwords to access. It is no use being their friend on the space because there are so many blocking options they can set to block you from viewing what they don’t want you to view. Besides, the iPad key logger records the websites visited on the iPad. The wireless Internet is widely used by people now, so most people like to use iPad to surf the Internet no matter when and where they are. The iPad is a smart tablet that allows people to use it more conveniently. With iPad key logger, you can monitor your kids or others anytime you want. All websites visited will be logged and sent to your email or FTP, so you can check it and find out if they viewed some inappropriate web pages.

The iPad key logger also logs the screenshots which are captured at a preset interval, so you can have a visual image about what they do and view on the iPad. And since it works in stealth mode, the iPad users can’t know and detect the key logger. For more security on the iPad, you can download iKeyMonitor for free trail!

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  1. pw says:

    can i purchase one product that will monitor an iphone and a ipan, owned by the same person…in england also

    • iPad Keylogger says:

      yes, of course,you can purchase one product, but with two licenses required. You can get help from our live chat help: http://ikeymonitor.com/support

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