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A Confident Digital Parental Tool: iPad Keylogger App

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iKeyMonitor, a powerful iPad keylogger app, performs well in recording the activities on iPad as a confident digital parental tool. It enables parents to well monitor what kids do with their iPad such as the online searches, keystrokes and passwords typed on iPad, websites visited in Safari, social networking activities, screenshots and more.

Today people can make full use of iPad to do a lot of things including watching videos, playing games, surfing the Internet, chatting with friends, sending messages, reading eBooks and much more. According to the investigation statistics, many teens like to use iPad to play games, watch videos and search online and the main reason was to search and download pornographic information. With an iPad, your teens can do a lot of things no matter when and where they are.

Do you want to keep an eye on what your kids do with their iPad? Do they misuse their iPad when you are away from them? Do your kids spend too much time on their iPad? The iPad keylogger app helps you solve all these questions simply. It is able to not only record all keystrokes the teens typed on iPad, websites visited in Safari, SMS text messages and WhatsApp messages received and sent on iPad, but also capture screenshots at a preset interval. In this way, you can easily know what videos the users viewed, what games they played, what messages sent and received on iPad.

The iPad keylogger app plays an important role in parental controls on iPad. It allows lots of parents to watch kids’ activities on iPad in an invisible mode, which means that the iPad keystroke logger can record all and send the log reports to your appointed email or FTP so that parents can keep track of all things teens do with their iPad remotely from anywhere.

Looking for an iPad monitoring tool? iKeyMonitor – an excellent keylogger for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch provides a free trial edition for the friendly user experience before purchase!

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