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iPad Keylogger Software Keeps Kids Safe

Posted 5 years ago by iPad Keylogger

Nowadays, some little kids are playing on the iPad. Most time, they will use it to surf the Internet, play games and watch movies online. However, it makes me think that what kids will do without parental monitoring when they are playing on the iPad. Parents may have found that kids prefer to play on their iPad rather than communicate with you, and you may worry about that they spent too much time on playing on the iPad. You might as well try some iPad keylogger software to help you monitor your kids’ activity on the iPad.

We can see that iPad has become more and more popular in our modern life, especially for fashionable teenagers. They often like to surf the Internet with its Wi-Fi or 3G connection, listen to music, take photos, record and watch videos and more. While the Internet is a very useful place to learn, but now it’s complicated and it has risks. Nowadays many porn web sites flood on the Internet, so kids are easily accessed to these unhealthy information. And many social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube are popular in our daily life, but these websites include many porn, violent and bloody contents which will do harm to young kids. Besides, many predators are waiting at anytime online to cheating on the innocent kids! Now, the iPad keylogger software must be your best choice to monitor what your kids do on the iPad.

iKeyMonitor is the most professional keylogger software for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the only iPad keylogger software which can be used to log all keystrokes including the passwords typed on the iPad without being detected. The iPad keylogger software keeps an eye on your kids’ activity on iPad when you cannot monitor them by yourself. It provides you powerful monitoring features including recording passwords pressed, keystrokes typed, websites visited as well as SMS sent and received. All logs including the screenshot captured in a preset interval will be sent secretly to your own email or FTP, so you can monitor them in completely stealth mode. Meanwhile, You could know everything they do on the iPad so as to help them develop a good habit of surfing on the iPad.

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